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Rick Romero is the founder and owner of Metro-Flow Plumbing in Dallas. He has been recognized in a recent Compass Magazine article. Enjoy that article below:


Rick Romero reminisces on it often. He would wait patiently with his father in their humble home in New Mexico. They would sit, hoping with all of their might to receive a phone call. Rick was always hoping that each day would be the day he could shadow is dad on a plumbing service call. He dreamt of learning the plumbing business well and continuing the family tradition.

“My dad, my uncles, even my grandfather…they were all plumbers. I was excited about my prospect of becoming one too,” Rick remembers. “I was about to graduate high school and my friends would call and pressure me to go out with them. They didn’t understand that I didn’t want to. I preferred to stick close to my dad. I was always ready to do some plumbing. I wanted to see what the plumbing profession was all about.”

Working hard wasn’t something that Rick tried to avoid, even in his youth. If anything, he welcomed the challenge. Before he knew it, this 17-yr old later became the owner of a very successful and profitable plumbing business.

Some have dubbed Rick Romero the highly esteemed example of a self-made man. With only humble beginnings from the start, he managed to bring about great progress in the family business. Rick is the type of person to shy away from commendation and praise. He’s possesses a great amount of humbleness. He would also be the first to admit that a person is only as successful as those supporting him.

Undoubtedly, Rick’s 20 years of dedication and hard work had a lot to do with his success. Throughout those 20 years, he slowly uncovered the true key to success; keep your eyes and mind open. The most rewarding experience is when you have discovered the benefit and importance of working smarter. “If only I had discovered this fact early in my life,” Rick stated as he shook his head. “My life would have ended up much different and easier.” Life can alter the perception of someone’s future in the funniest way. Rick is a living testament to that. His dreams as a youth never came close to the realization of owning Metro-Flow Plumbing. In fact, he never envisioned himself moving out of New Mexico.

Rick’s relocation to Dallas and business ownership would not have happened if he had not met a young college student named Denise. Rick was in his early 20’s, still working with his father in New Mexico, when they met. The unforeseen started happening when he decided to follow Denise to Dallas, where the two were married.

Rick left his father in New Mexico, but he did not leave his interest in plumbing. The industry was ingrained into his existence. Rick’s charisma did not allow him to be unemployed in Dallas for long. A commercial contractor quickly recruited him. “An A/C company had recently purchased a plumbing company. The previous owner had stayed on staff and hired me,” Rick explained.

Unsurprisingly, Rick made himself right at home in his new position. It was his opportunity to shine and he did just that. The company owners noticed his awesome work ethic. He took the initiative to take care of everything without a hitch.

“I thought I was doing a great job. All of our jobs brought in plenty of profit. Then one day, the owner approached me and informed me of his plan to get rid of my supervisor and put me in charge. This came as a real shock to me. I was only 24 years old,” Rick said.

The surprise and excitement wore off and Rick realized the amount of responsibility he was accepting. He did not let his limited level of experience cause too much anxiety. Rick accepted the challenge with the intent of excelling. The business grew in a two-year time span. Rick thought he found his place in the plumbing industry. This position seemed to offer the security that his new family desired to find.

Unfortunately, the higher you climb the harder you can fall. The company had expanded too fast and over extended itself. The owners had to make some difficult decisions. To recover from their unsuccessful business decisions, the owners decided to concentrate their efforts on the HVAC division, thus eliminating the plumbing division and Rick’s position.

Before they laid Rick off, his employer had a request. "They asked if I would finish all of the plumbing jobs that were still pending. They also offered to increase my pay. I agreed on one condition – that they gave me access to their customer base. “That is how Metro-Flow Plumbing became what it is today," Rick explained. They agreed and were kind enough to send out letters informing their former clients of the change. It worked out in my favor because only a year later, the company closed."

The situation seemed tragic at first, but with one door closing another opened to an even better opportunity. Rick had not yet reached the age of 30. He did not waste his youth. Rick was impelled to make the most of a situation. He was set on making Metro-Flow Plumbing into something special. This was the start of the worthiest and hardest endeavor of Rick’s professional life.

Metro-Flow has since evolved into a plumbing revolution since that time, with thousands of service experiences that has left Dallas customers happy. We would love to add you to our extended family of loyal customers. Please, call us today or fill out the form on our website for more information.

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