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Have our team of Dallas gas pipe specialists install a gas pipe stovetop and oven that will have you cooking like a pro. No more waiting for those electric burners to get hot! So whether you're just boiling water for a cup of hot tea or cooking a gourmet meal, a brand new Dallas gas pipe appliance will get you going in record time.

Does it seem like you have to wait forever for your home to heat up in winter season? Are you thinking about replacing or upgrading your existing Dallas fixtures and appliances for a more durable, reliable, quality appliance alternative? Your family should be able to enjoy a cozy winter inside a warm home without having to wait for heat to be delivered through your home. Gas heat and gas pipe appliances are fast and efficient, and can be installed in your home by a specialist at Metro-Flow Plumbing in Dallas. Our Dallas gas pipe installers and gas pipe experts will get your home quicker access to heat.

We can install a gas fireplace in your home to add not just warmth, but ambiance as well. With just the push of a button you can have a cozy gas fireplace without worry about one single piece of wood. Just imagine a cozy warm home with heat that spreads throughout your home as soon as you turn it on. No more waiting to warm up when you come in from the cold air.

Contact Metro-Flow Plumbing's Dallas gas pipe experts now and start feeling the benefits of natural gas appliances right away!


Working with gas pipes is for professionals only. It is very dangerous work and is not a do-it-yourself project. Only qualified professionals should install your gas pipes. Professionals are trained to make sure all gas piped are implemented correctly and that there are no dangerous gas leaks.

Use only the Dallas gas pipe experts who have years of experience installing gas pipe appliances and heating systems. We will take care of all your gas pipe needs safely. Give Metro-Flow Plumbing a call today if you are weighing the benefits of gas alternatives for your home. We will set up an appointment to come to your home and assess your individual situation to tailor a plan to meet your unique needs.

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Call Now! 214- 328-7371