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Metro-Flow Plumbing offers only superior service in leak detection and repair!

Older water heaters can rupture and leak, causing serious damage to your home. Also, you may be unable to see problems with your toilets and faucets but hear a change in their performance. This, too, needs to be checked before you discover extensive damage. We want to save you money by detecting leaks early and preventing major water damage to your Dallas home. Another dangerous issue our plumbing technicians can assist with is gas leaks. These leaks can become extremely dangerous if left unattended. Our Dallas plumbing technicians can analyze and fix all of these potential damaging problems and give you piece of mind. Metro-Flow Plumbing's Dallas plumbing leak repair company also offers a Diamond Club Membership to our valued customers. This membership maintains your plumbing system through yearly repairs at discount prices. This maintenance program prevents many headaches a householder can experience from leaks and plumbing issues. Our Dallas plumbers are extremely professional and offer you expert leak repair services at affordable prices.

The best protection is prevention. The nightmare of broken plumbing and flooding can be avoided. You don’t have to deal with the costly and stressful replacement of water-soaked rugs or carpets, damaged wood, walls, and furniture. Metro-Flow Dallas plumbers can make sure your plumbing is in optimal working order and is not leaking the smallest bit. Our services maintain the good working order of your homes plumbing, helping to prevent leaks and costly repairs.

We are the frontrunners of the Dallas leak detection and repair plumbing business. Metro-Flow Plumbing has been servicing elated residential plumbing clients since 1989! We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 5 years on parts and labor. We will gladly come back and remedy the issue to your satisfaction at no extra charge if you are not completely satisfied with the services we provided!

Contact Metro-Flow Plumbing today to request a leak detection consultation for your home. Maintain the integrity of your home. Have us inspect your plumbing system for any weaknesses, existing leaks, and potential problems. We will work as a team with you to fix your leak problems before they get out of control and cause costly damage. Experience the professionalism, cleanliness and manners of our Dallas plumbing repair technicians for yourself.


We have a high number of return-customers because we have given them outstanding plumbing service in the past. Many have come to depend on our standard of excellence and professionalism while we resolve their plumbing needs. Whether it's preventative maintenance, leak detection, or major repairs, we are ready to handle the problem efficiently.

A slow drain or backed-up sewer may seem like it’s something you can live with, but it can lead to bigger problems. An overflow can cause major leaks which results in serious damage to your home and property! Plumbing repairs do not have to cost you small fortune! Calling a Metro-Flow Plumbing leak specialists today; you can get a detailed diagnosis of the problem and a cost-efficient solution.

We value your time and business, so we will not keep you waiting! Call Metro-Flow Plumbing now for a specific appointment time. Our Dallas leak detection experts are on call to take care of all your plumbing needs!

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Call Now! 214- 328-7371