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The staff at Metro-Flow Plumbing in Dallas wants to save you money and time. For long lasting savings, we give our Dallas residents the option of having a low flush toilet installed. It's easy to install and conserves water! A low flush toilet operates with 1.6 gallons per flush or less. If you compare this to an older toilet that flushes using 3.5 to 7.5 gallons, you’ll see that a low flush toilet can save up to 18,000 gallons of water per year! The largest water usage in the home is brought on by the toilet, which accounts for nearly 27% of all residential indoor water use!

Do you have the water in the toilet run continuously? Is there a leak around your toilet? These problems are annoying to deal with and can be very costly.

The porcelain section of the toilet is very durable and can last a lifetime, as long as it’s not cracked. With normal wear and tear, other parts of the toilet will give out over time and will require replacement or repair. The tank of the toilet contains the most parts that are susceptible to damage. The parts are: the fill valve, flush valve, filler float, overflow tube, handle, pull rod, and tank flapper. There are also other parts that can cause problems with the toilet. Faulty Dallas pipes may cause a toilet to work improperly. The main line is designed to move waste from the home to the sewer or septic system. If it is clogged, it can cause the toilet to leak from its base. A professional plumbing service can snake or jet the main line to get everything back into proper working order. Metro-FlowPlumbing of Dallas can get your problem solved efficiently and satisfactorily. Metro-Flow Plumbing is your toilet specialist!



Immediate action should be taken once a leak in Dallas city pipes have been discovered. Small leaks won’t stay small for long. Small leaks, which have turned into larger leaks, can flood your home or property. This can also cost you thousands in property damage. Take the best measures you can call on Metro-Flow Plumbing to service your lines before an emergency happens. Our plumbing experts will make sure all of the supply lines are intact and that all of the seals are secured and in good condition.


Over time, all toilets in Dallas will start to flush slower due to a buildup of mineral deposits. Buildup is caused mainly by the hard water content of city water. Dallas’ hard water does have high level of minerals. Some self-taught home repairmen may use muriatic acid to clean out the plumbing system. Be warned, muriatic acid is a very dangerous chemical. It is highly corrosive, toxic, and gives off extremely dangerous fumes. An unfortunate accident can easily happen with one wrong move. Metro-Flow Plumbing strongly recommends that you depend on us to provide you with qualified assistance from one of our trained Dallas plumbing technicians. Our technicians are carefully instructed in the proper use of toxins. Don’t expose yourself, your home and family to the risk of handling this problem, but look to Metro-Flow Plumbing to solve your problems.


Most of the time, a toilet will tilt just because the floor has become unleveled or the toilet’s attachment to the floor has loosened. This job is not too small for a Metro-Flow Plumbing technician. Our technician can resolve this problem for you by repairing the flange, adding shims and then putting grout at the base. Depend on Metro-Flow Plumbing to reinforce a toilet foundation.


A faulty flush valve, float, handle or tank flapper usually causes the water to continuously run in a toilet. Look to Metro-Flow Plumbing technicians to fix your problem and get your toilet back to working the way it should.


A leak at the base of your toilet in Dallas may have a simple issue like a loose wax ring caused by a broken toilet flange. Another cause could be a main line stoppage, which means entire drainage system will not drain correctly. If other fixtures in your home are clogged, then this points to the main line as being the most likely culprit. Metro-Flow Plumbing in Dallas is equipped with the latest plumbing technology for solving this problem. As expert Dallas plumbers, we can expose hard to find clogs by using the latest technology, including a camera video inspection. A video inspection allows us to get a clear picture of what's causing the stoppage with minimal damage.

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