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No one wants to start off his or her day with a freezing cold shower. There's no reason anyone should. If your old hot water heater quits working, just call Metro-Flow Plumbing for a new Dallas hot water heater that will provide you with fast, hot water for your morning shower!

Let a Metro-Flow hot water heater specialist install a new hot water heater in your home and you watch your bills decrease and the speed of your hot water increase. Whether it's your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or shower, you can have hot water instantly without added cost!

Our water heater experts can recommend the best solution to fit your home and your family’s needs. Metro-Flow's hot water heater technicians are trained to perform optimal service, whether it's replacing an existing hot water heater with a similar model or installing one of our energy efficient hot water heaters. Our technicians are here to help you conserve your water, money, time, and put your worries about hot water heater problems at ease.

Located in Dallas, Texas, Metro-Flow Plumbing is always ready to help you with your Dallas hot water heater needs! If your sink faucets run, it can be costly to both your water bill and your electric bill.


The professionals at Metro-Flow Plumbing in Dallas offer only hot water heating options with performance that has been proven over time. Tankless hot water heaters are becoming more popular in the Dallas area. Also booming in the market are re-circulating motion sensors. Both are optimal economical, environmental-friendly hot water solutions. Tankless hot water heaters do not unnecessarily heat unused water. This results in the reduction of energy costs. Old hot water heaters store many gallons of pressurized water, which could leak into your home and cause extensive damage. Tankless hot water heaters do not pose this rick. Re-circulating motion sensors start to heat water only when someone walks into the room that contains a hot water source. This restricts energy usage to times when it is a possibility that hot water will be needed.

Call the Dallas plumbing experts at Metro-Flow Plumbing today to assist you with of all your Dallas hot water heater needs and concerns! One of our professional hot water heater technicians will discuss options that will fit your individual needs..

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