5 Reasons to Hire a Plumbing Inspector

We want to take time to bring awareness to new and old homeowners everywhere by talking about home inspections. This is also for realtors and those buying a house.

Hiring a certified plumber instead of just a regular home inspector will certainly put you ahead of the game. A home inspector can be thorough but they don’t have the tools to inspect your plumbing like a certified plumber inspector could. A routine plumbing inspection with Metro-Flow Plumbing every 2 years will save you a headache as a homeowner.

Here are our top 5 reasons why we recommend hiring a certified plumbing inspector when buying a home:

  1. A certified plumber will notify you of much more than just the plumbing you can see, they will inspect the pipes running through your walls and underneath your home. You might have taken it into your hands to look around or even hire a regular home inspector to look at your plumbing but only a certified plumber like the ones at Metro-Flow Plumbing will be able to inspect every length of pipe running through your residence. We will provide a detailed report and tell you what steps to take if any. This is done with a non-invasive camera and a video of your plumbing is shared with you.
  2. ​This certified plumbing inspection does not only have to be for the pipes in your home but also for the ones running outside your home’s structure. Do you know we can replace pipes running through your lawn with very little digging? Thanks to our Cured-In-Place-Pipe System we can clean and replace old piping that may have gone bad.
  3. A plumbing problem that isn’t addressed right away will turn into a headache for you. You may think a drip is under control but without a proper inspection that leak will most likely continue and get worse over time. 
  4. A plumbing inspection can also cover a checkup on all your water specific appliances such as your water heater, toilets, refrigerator, sinks, garbage disposal, and dishwasher. Appliances not fully working can come back to haunt you when paying your water bill. A leak that wasn’t found or a faulty toilet lever will waste water. A problem not bad just for the environment, but for us as homeowners as well. 
  5. Finally, our number 1 reason for getting a certified plumbing inspection from Metro-Flow Plumbing, it’ll save you the homeowner money in the long run. You want a certified plumbing inspector to come out and check out your home. Pipes can be tricky and something missed will become a headache later on and also put a dent in your wallet in repair costs. We’re here to help you avoid bigger problems down the line.

Check if your home or place of residence is due for a plumbing inspection. Buying a house? Make sure to take the extra step and hire a certified plumbing inspector – saving a few hundred dollars now can turn into thousands of dollars later on. The peace of mind we guarantee you once we leave is invaluable. Give us a call at 214-328-7371. We are here for you.

From our family here at Metro-Flow Plumbing to yours we wish you and yours the very best. Thank you for joining us for another entry in our blog this month of March and we hope you’re here for the next one! You won’t want to miss it!

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