Do Frozen Pipes Always Burst

We are halfway through the month of March already Dallas! As the cold begins to go away our beautiful city starts coming back to life. One thing that never slowed down despite the cold months? Our Metro-Flow Plumbing service vans of course! We want to give a special shout out to our team of certified and insured plumbing professionals for keeping our esteemed customers’ pipes working properly this winter. Also, a big thank you, to you all, for trusting us with all your plumbing needs!

That leads us to today’s plumbing topic. Do frozen pipes always burst? Read on to find out!

When the temperature drops and winter weather thrives, do frozen pipes always burst? Unfortunately, the answer is sometimes. The good news is that frozen pipes do not always lead to burst pipes. We are going to go over a few preventative measures to keep your pipes from freezing as well as talk about what to do during a burst pipe emergency, let’s go!

Keep your pipes properly insulated.

Making sure your pipes are properly insulated can help reduce the chances of them freezing in the first place. Paying attention to your home’s heating system, including inspecting air filters and keeping ducts clear can ensure warm air stays inside your home. Also, if you have outdoor faucets be sure to cover them before cold weather sets in. By taking very easy steps to prevent frozen pipes you save yourself a headache down the line!

Turn off your water supply.

If you do experience a frozen pipe situation, it is important to act quickly and turn off your water supply at the main shut-off valve as soon as possible. Before any winter storm, it is a good time to make sure you know where your main shut-off valve actually is. You should also open the faucet that is closest to the frozen pipe so it can begin thawing, and then use a hairdryer or space heater to slowly thaw out the pipe- however, do not do this if your water supply is still on as this could cause further damage. You don’t want to add electrocution to your list of problems. When in doubt, always call a plumbing professional like our team at Metro-Flow Plumbing.

Call a certified and insured plumbing professional.

If you are unable to locate where in the home the frozen pipe is located, call a professional plumber who will be able to safely identify and repair any damage which has been caused. In fact, this is probably the second thing you want to do after shutting off your main water shut-off valve. Leaving the work to the professional’s will ultimately save you money and put your mind at ease. We know what we are doing and want to make sure your home is safe moving forward.

It’s important to always remember that frozen pipes do pose a risk of bursting and other damage, so it is best to do what you can to protect your home from this issue in the first place. If you do experience a frozen pipe situation, don’t wait too long before seeking professional help. Timely action can undoubtedly save you from further water damage or costly repairs.

Be prepared.

Overall, it is important to be prepared. Frozen pipes can burst and lead to flooding and property damage. We want to do our best to avoid this situation. During a blackout because of extreme weather temperatures keep cabinet doors with exposed pipes in them such as the ones under your sink wide open. This will help air circulate and keep your pipes the same temperature as the rest of your house keeping water from freezing inside of them. At night keep a small drip open on all your faucets, keeping water constantly flowing will prevent it from freezing and in turn your pipes will be less likely to burst.

So what have we learned? Frozen pipes don’t always lead to burst pipes, but it is still a possibility that should not be taken lightly. Taking preventative measures like making sure all outdoor faucets are covered before temperatures drop, inspecting air filters and keeping ducts clear for adequate heating, and knowing what to do if a pipe does freeze can significantly reduce the risk of frozen pipes and help ensure the safety of your home. Keep these tips in mind to make sure you are prepared for whatever winter throws at you this and future seasons!

We hope you enjoyed this blog, please feel free to explore the rest of our website to check out the other goods and services we offer. You can also call us at 214-328-7371 if you have any questions or if something in your home needs service we can schedule our visit directly. One of our certified and insured plumbing technicians will take care of whatever plumbing issue you may be experiencing.

We hope you have had a great week and we’ll see you right here next time Dallas!

Do Frozen Pipes Always Burst

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