Why You Should Get a Sewer Camera Inspection

It’s another fantastic month in Dallas and we are back again (along with the summer heat) to bring you more Metro-Flow Plumbing know-how. We pride ourselves as the standard of plumbing for the Dallas area and have over 30+ years of experience to back it up. Along the way we keep up with innovations in plumbing so we can provide you with the best service available at the moment. Today we want to talk to you about Sewer Camera Inspections

There’re various reasons why a certified plumber might recommend a sewer line inspection:

  1. When a line gets backed up, weird smells and odors will no doubt start to come back up and try as you might to get rid of the stench it will always come back until it is properly addressed. By doing a camera inspection, which consists of a small waterproof camera on the end of a flexible cable, a plumber can find the source of the problem in no time. The camera sends live footage of your underground pipes back to our computer so we can assess the situation and solve the problem
  2. The possibility of a broken pipe. Broken pipes can occur for a number of reasons but once you have one they can be a real headache. A camera inspection can locate a broken pipe in no time and allow us to pinpoint the issue and fix it. 
  3. Prevent a broken pipe by finding the source of the problem before it bursts. Slow drainage caused by blockage of either dirt, small rocks or roots can be cleared out by executing a camera inspection and clearing out the issue. If your underground pipes are really old we may even suggest our leading technology the cured-in-place-pipe system. This allows us to replace full underground pipes with very minimal excavation required – and it’s faster and more economical than other the alternate. Through this state of the art system we can replace underground lines stretching clear through your yards in no time. 
As you know, roots are usually the cause for blockage of underground lines. Roots from nearby trees and large plants seek moisture and drainage pipes naturally attract these. If you have a lot of trees and a lot of foliage in your yard and it has been some years since your last proper pipe inspection then it’s time for one. Remember the camera inspection is step 1 of finding the root of your problem. Our experts will take it from there and walk you through the steps to get your home’s underground pipes in tip top shape!
These are just a few more of the problems we might encounter underground with our camera: grease blockage, undetected leaks, corrosion, misaligned pipes that aren’t flowing right. Any of these can cause major issues with your plumbing. Addressing them in time will save you time and money.

It is important to note that the main reason for a sewer camera inspection is prevention. Preventing a smaller problem from becoming a much bigger one is always the goal here at Metro-Flow Plumbing and we know that when it comes to underground pipes, or hard to reach pipes, catching a problem sooner than later will save you a lot of money down the line. We are on your team and want to leave a smile on your face when we leave. Your home is our number 1 priority when we’re on the job.
Thank you for checking in with us. We hope you learned something new about sewer camera inspections. We strive for the best service here at Metro-Flow Plumbing. Give us a call at (214) 328-7371 and we’ll be happy to help you!
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