AlwaysFresh® Drinking Water System

An open cabinet door under a kitchen sink showcases a water filtration system installed with thoughtful plumbing design. The setup includes a blue cylindrical filter connected to a white unit. A basket containing two green bottles is conveniently placed at the bottom right corner of the cabinet.

AlwaysFresh® Drinking Water System

AlwaysFresh® offers the optimal point of use drinking water system. Water is filtered completely down to the tiniest 0.5 micron particles without the water waste associated with a Reverse Osmosis system.

AlwaysFresh® provides a high flow 1.5 gpm high capacity/performance drinking water system. It requires no unsightly extra faucets or attachments. You will enjoy the taste of fresh filtered water from your existing kitchen cold faucet.

AlwaysFresh® removes unpleasant chlorine taste and odor from your ice cubes, drinking water, coffee, teas & food


Certified protection from parasites and harmful chemicals.
Easy cartridge replacement and extendable lifetime guarantee.
Easy connection to your ice maker and other faucets.
Drinking Systems and accessories available for the kitchen and bathroom.
Easy to Maintain: Just one cartridge to replace annually* (*based on average usage and incoming water supply)
Rated for 500 Gallons
Filters down to .5 microns
1.5 gpm flow rate

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