Plumber Mate™ Water System

The beauty of Plumber Mate™ Water System is its simplicity and water filtration system. First, water flows downward, through the Catalytic activated carbon to remove chlorine taste and odors, along with potentially harmful chemicals. Next, water hardness is removed by the softener resin so you enjoy the many benefits of soft water.

The RO system removes:

Getting it installed in your home is a very simple process that we list here in 6 easy steps, and it all starts with a call to 214-328-7371, where one of our helpful representatives will be able to answer all your questions and help you schedule an appointment.
  1. Pre-filtration for sediment, silt, rust particles and other particulate.
  2. Pre-filtration to remove chlorine, chemicals, taste and odors.
  3. RO membrane filtration to remove harmful contaminants in solution.
  4. Water flows to the storage tank so it is readily available when needed.
  5. When processed water is needed, your water flows through the post-carbon cartridge for final polishing for improved taste.
  6. Great tasting Plumber Mate™ water is provided from the dedicated chrome faucet, conveniently mounted by your kitchen sink.

The three-stage “ultra-filter” with UF membrane removes chlorine, taste, odors, bacteria, cysts, and sediments. The Plumber Mate™ Water System also saves you money by protecting expensive appliances, lowering energy costs, using less soap, less shampoo, less detergent, and less cleaning supplies.
​Enjoy the good life with Plumber Mate™ High Efficiency Premium Series Water Conditioners. Here is a list of its benefits: “Smart” technology for greater efficiency

Its Signature Series Water Conditioners offer: 

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