Flow-Tech Pure CX Carbon Whole-House Water Filter

Two water softener tanks are shown. The tank on the left is black, while the tank on the right is white with a black base. Both tanks have control heads on top with digital displays. The sleek and modern design suggests a high-quality home use appliance that includes an advanced water filtration system.

Flow-Tech Pure CX Carbon Whole-House Water Filter

A whole house carbon filter is a convenient, cost efficient way to effectively remove or reduce many of the undesirable chemicals, disinfectant by-products, and volatile organic compounds commonly found in municipal water supplies.

Whole House Carbon CX Filters are designed for household use and ideal for chloramines and chlorine taste and odor reduction. The system contains Centaur catalytic carbon which is more efficient in filtering chloramines than standard granular activated carbon.

For a whole house carbon system to work effectively, it needs to contain the proper type of carbon based on your water’s content. Additionally it needs to be properly sized for the home it’s installed in. On a properly selected and sized system, you should expect a minimum of five years, and likely longer, before the media needs to be replaced. The variance in longevity is based on water consumption levels and the levels of impurities in your water supply. Carbon beds can be rebedded when the effectiveness of the carbon is exhausted.

Benefits of the Whole House Filtration System:

  • Reduction or removal of chlorine, chloramines and associated disinfectant by-products
  • Clean, filtered water from every tap
  • Better tasting coffee, tea and other water mixed beverages
  • Reduced environmental impact due to bottle waste associated with plastic bottles and the production process
  • Better tasting and smelling water makes drinking water more attractive and that’s good for you
  • Your home’s pipes will be protected against chloramine’s corrosive effects
  • Costs saving based on the reduction in purchasing bottled water

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