Discover How Common Slab Leaks Are

In today’s Metro-Flow Plumbing Blog we are going to learn more about slab leaks. How common are slab leaks, what causes them, what steps we can take to fix them and most importantly how to prevent them. As homeowners we experience all sorts of problems around our households. Be it electrical, structural or plumbing. One thing that will make any homeowner sick to their stomach is water damage. Which is why it is so important that you get any plumbing issues taken care of sooner than later and with a certified and licensed plumber.

Anytime we see water damage starting to appear on a ceiling or a wall we automatically think of mold and all the other pesky problems leaks bring. How about our floors though? Plenty of a home’s structure is built right over running pipes. A lot of these are for our bathrooms and kitchen so they tend to run everywhere.

A slab leak is a leak that may appear over time in the copper pipes underneath the foundation of your home. To prevent slab leaks and the damage caused by them, it is important to schedule a plumbing inspection of your home. A certified plumbing technician will do a proper inspection of your home and assess any and all potential damages. They will catch something in time for you to fix it and give you a full report of what they found. Our Metro-Flow Plumbers are ready to take on any challenge your home may provide.

Warning Signs of a Slab Leak Present in Your Home

  1. Wet spots appearing on your floor. If you do have these pipes running around your home the number one tell for a slab leak is a wet spot appearing on the ground. If a puddle has formed the slab leak might be worse off than originally thought.
  2. ​Your water bill is really high. Unless you are one to check your water meter regularly you probably wouldn’t notice a leak right away but checking your bill at the end of the month and seeing it exponentially grow is a wakeup call that something is indeed wrong. Call us immediately to schedule a plumbing inspection and we will get to the source of the problem in no time.
  3. Concrete floors. If you have concrete floors you will definitely notice cracks forming where a burst pipe is no doubt causing damage underneath. Likewise, if you have carpet laid out, a wet moldy spot will let you know there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
  4. Water pressure. Slab leaks can also affect your water pressure. If you have noticed your water pressure change almost overnight a leak is the most likely culprit. Check your water pressure while you shower. A leak being present will no doubt be the cause for lower water pressure.
  5. The sound of running water. If you have everything off in your home and you are faintly hearing the sound of running water there might be a leak that needs to be addressed.

​For any of the above, we recommend giving us a call at 214-328-7371 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to walk you through the next steps and send a certified, licensed plumbing technician to help you out.

The chances of a slab leak can grow exponentially if you live in an older home. Your plumbing system as a whole could be showing signs that it’s deteriorating so we definitely recommend getting a proper plumbing inspection like the ones we offer here at Metro-Flow Plumbing, to any new home owner in the Dallas area.

We’d like to take this time to talk about a service we provide called trenches sewer pipe replacement. This innovative trenchless technology does just that. With little to no digging, Metro-Flow technicians can identify the broken pipe needing service, locate it and fix the length of the pipe in a couple of easy steps. Using a new system that lets us make, cure and create a new pipe inside of an existing damaged pipe we eliminate the hassle of excavation that was previously used to fix old pipes. You will have a brand new sewage pipe system in no time that will last for years to come!

Follow this link to learn more about trenchless pipe replacement:
Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacements and Repairs

Today we learned about slab leaks, how common are slab leaks, as well as different ways to spot them and fix them. Anything to do with plumbing can be pretty intimidating and slab leaks are no different. You already took a good step towards learning about a potential problem by reading this blog. We certainly hope you do not have a slab leak in your home but in the case that you do, we are here for you.

As always, we hope this blog was informative and helped you along the way. Please do not hesitate to call the Metro-Flow Plumbing offices at 214-328-7371 and put your mind at ease as our team of friendly, certified and licensed plumbers walk you step by step on the proper way to handle any of your plumbing woes. Metro-Flow Plumbing has been around since 1989 and we take pride in providing the best plumbing services to the Dallas area. We invite you to explore the rest of our website so you can see for yourself all the services we are happy to provide.

Until next time Dallas!

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