How to Keep Your Drains Happy and Prevent a Clog

Today we’re going to concentrate on our second favorite room in the house: our bathrooms (first one being the kitchen of course, we like to eat good around here). Our bathrooms take heavy wear and tear every single day. Whether it’s our showers, baths, sinks or toilets, our bathroom plumbing is a little more extensive than the rest of our homes. We’re going to address the three things listed above and ways on how we can prevent unnecessary clogging of each. We know nothing is more annoying than seeing dirty water rising up out of our drains so we’re here to help you avoid that.

How to Avoid Toilet Clogs: First and foremost let’s get the less than pleasant subject of human waste out of the way. Remember to do a courtesy flush and help your pipes handle a heavy load. Now what are some things we have to avoid flushing down the toilet. We’ve been around since 1989 and we can tell you we’ve seen just about everything stuck in clients toilet pipes, so we think we are pretty versed on what not to flush down there. Here is a short list of the do’s and don’ts…

Do Flush: Human waste, number 1 and number 2 as well as small amounts of toilet paper.
Do NOT Flush: First off…”FLUSHABLE” wipes are NOT flushable. You shouldn’t flush feminine products, baby wipes, Q-Tips, cosmetic wipes, condoms, hair, chewing gum, and contacts. Basically as a general rule. Anything that is not in the DO FLUSH list is a big no-no. For your pipes and for the environment.
How to Avoid Shower Clogs: Okay the big culprit right off the bat is hair. We’re human beings, some of us can get pretty hairy and it is all too natural for some of this hair to come off of us as we wash it etc. You know what we’re talking about. By now everyone has probably experienced fishing out a hair clog. It is almost inevitable that your shower drain will get clogged.

Soap, hair and grease will slow your drain up but you can do a number of things to manage it. For example, one would be to pour boiling water down your drain. The hot water will sometimes help to break down any soap and grease residue that has built up Inside your drain system. We do not recommend using chemicals of any kind as they can damage your pipes in the long run and cause some serious financial headaches down the line to replace.

Another reason why your shower drain may not work to its full potential is damage to your pipes underground. Small cracks or breaks in the pipe will slow the drainage of water. If you suspect this, call us immediately and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem by performing a plumbing inspection.

How to Avoid Sink Clogs: First off we have a common culprit with the shower drain clogs: Soap. Liquid soap specially tends to make suds that can over time build up in your pipes and create clogs. Another reason for sink clogs that we often notice are hair trimmings. The problem here is as soon as the last hair disappears people shut off their water. Let your water run for a little while longer and help your pipes flush all those hair trimmings away. By not using enough water, the hair will mix up with the soap suds and other residue and a more serious clog will occur.

Another culprit of clogs ladies is makeup. Make up will fall in the sink and get washed away. The grease in some of these products can contribute to a slow building clog. Very much like the shower drain we recommend pouring boiling water carefully down the sink to break up any build up forming in there. No chemicals. It is tempting to use products such as Drain-O etc but these chemicals will harm your pipe system over time. If this doesn’t work, give us a call and we’ll be right over!

Dallas, as always it’s a pleasure serving our community and we hope to hear from you next time you are in need of a friendly and certified plumber. 

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