How CIPP Can Save Your Pipelines

Welcome back to our Metro-Flow Plumbing blog! At Metro-Flow Plumbing we pride ourselves with keeping up to date with the latest plumbing innovations. By providing state of the art new ways to perform plumbing tasks we help our customers keep their homes in tip top shape. We welcome you to explore our website but before that, we’d like to talk about a service we provide that we are very proud of…

If you’re a homeowner with old or damaged pipelines, you’ve likely heard of cured-in-place pipe lining. This process uses trenchless technology to repair pipes quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Let’s explore what CIPP is, why it works so well, and how it can benefit homeowners. 

What is CIPP? 

CIPP stands for cured-in-place pipe lining. It’s a no-dig solution that uses a special epoxy resin to line the interior walls of existing pipes without excavating them. As long as the pipe is in good structural condition, the resin will bond to the existing pipe and form an effective new liner. The liner then hardens and seals off any cracks or leaks in the original pipe. This process can be used to repair pipes made from clay, concrete, steel, cast iron, PVC plastic and ABS plastic. 

CIPP can be an incredibly beneficial solution for restoring and repairing your pipelines. Not only is it a cost effective way of making repairs, but CIPP pipe lining is also environmentally friendly and a way less invasive way of fixing pipes running through your yard. It involves inserting a felt liner that has been saturated with a thermosetting resin into the damaged pipeline. Once in place, steam or hot water is used to activate the resin, which then cures and bonds to the inside of the pipe, creating a structurally sound pipe within a pipe, that can last up to fifty years with regular maintenance. With CIPP pipe lining, pipelines can be restored back to like new condition without costly excavation or disruption of service.

How Does It Work? 

The process begins with an inspection of your existing pipelines using a camera mounted on a robotic device that travels through your underground piping system. This assessment helps determine if CIPP is right for your project and also allows technicians to identify any potential problems that may need additional attention. Once they have completed the assessment of your pipeline system, technicians clean out the pipe and prepare a chemical abrasion method inside of the pipes for lining, this ensures that the epoxy resin bonds properly with the existing pipeline material. Afterward, technicians insert a felt tube into your pipelines and inflate it using hot water or steam. This causes it to expand against the interior walls of the pipe so that when it cures it forms an effective waterproof barrier around your entire pipeline system. Finally, technicians finish off by running another camera through your newly lined pipelines to make sure everything is working correctly before filling in any excavation sites created during installation. It’s that simple!

Benefits For Homeowners 

Cured-in-place pipe lining offers many benefits over traditional excavation methods including faster installation times which usually take under one day, less disruption to landscaping or hardscaping as it doesn’t require heavy excavation equipment, lower labor costs since a whole excavation crew is not needed, lower material costs,, and increased water pressure due to improved flow rates within newly lined pipelines compared to pre-lining flow rates. These all result in significant cost savings for you. 

All in all, cured-in-place pipe lining can be an incredibly beneficial solution for restoring and repairing your pipelines without having to excavate them first, saving you time and money in the long run. https://metroflowplumbing.com/service/cured-in-place-pipe-system/ follow this link to learn more about cured in place pipe lining and how we do what we do. We’ve been offering this service for close to two years now and our customers are always left satisfied with the results. You can also call us at 214-328-7371 if you have any questions regarding our state of the art Perma Liner System for cured in place pipe lining. 

We hope this blog entry helped to ease any worry in this process, if you believe you’re home is in need of this or are wondering if you do schedule an inspection with us and one of our certified and insured plumbing technicians will come right out and inspect your home’s pipes to check if anything is in need of repair. Thanks for spending some time with us here in our Metro-Flow Plumbing blog, make sure to come back next week for more plumbing know how. Until next time Dallas!

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