10 Energy and Water Conservation Tips

We would like to talk about something closely related to our line of work but that affects us all: water conservation efforts.

According to the EPA’s website the U.S. population has doubled over the past 50 years, while water needs have tripled. By 2024, 40 of our great 50 states are anticipating water shortages.

As a plumbing company, Metro-Flow Plumbing knows a thing or two about water. We know that if each of us pitches in and does our part we can accomplish great things as a society. We are each responsible to help save our planet and a great place to start is in our own homes.

We are here to help you along with some of the things on this list. Explore our website to see all the services we provide as well as how we can help you save some money long-term by upgrading your pipes and inspecting your appliances.

  1. Fix leaks. This is a given. If there are any leaks in your home it can not only be a complete waste of water but also a pain in your wallet. Call us to arrange a home inspection of your plumbing system.
  2. Take care of your lawn. Don’t overwater your lawn and make sure to water it at either dawn or dusk. If you water it during peak sunny hours most of that water will just evaporate and not help your lawn at all.
  3. Install a dual flush toilet. We can install a dual flush toilet system in your bathroom. Toilets don’t require as much water when we use them for a number 1 instead of a number 2. A dual flush system allows you to choose how much water you want to use per flush.
  4. Close the faucet all the way. This is one most of us have heard our whole lives. Close the faucet while you’re not using it. For example while you’re brushing your teeth, the faucet doesn’t need to be on the whole time.
  5. Monitor the time of your showers. We know this is a hard one for some of us. Nothing is more relaxing than having the water hit you before or after a work day but taking shorter showers will go a long way in saving water. 
  6. Run your dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. A dishwasher actually uses less water annually than washing dishes the old way. The EPA has estimated that on average a dishwasher will save up to 5,000 gallons a year in a regular household.
  7. Consider upgrading your washer machines. Older models use considerably more water than newer ones. Another tip, try to avoid the permanent press option as it uses an additional 5 gallons for that extra rinse job.
  8. Switch lights and appliances – such as fans – off when not in use. Power plants use a lot of water to operate. If we all do our part with this we can help save some of this cost indirectly. 
  9. Put water to good use. Never pour water from a glass that’s sitting around down the drain and figure out how else it can be of use. Water your plants with it, etc.
  10. Knowledge is power. Share what you know with your neighbors and community. The more water conservation efforts people are aware they can do from home, the more we all win in the long run.

Water is planet Earth’s most precious resource. With the effects of global warming and overpopulation we are sure to encounter in the next couple of decades it is our responsibility to leave the planet a better place than we found it for the next couple of generations to enjoy as we have.

Thank you for joining us once again this month of February. We hope the beginning of 2022 has treated you and yours well. Remember, we would love to hear from you and are here to help you with any of your plumbing needs. From our Metro-Flow Plumbing family to yours, have a great rest of February Dallas!

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