How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

As the temperatures fluctuate this time of year we want to make sure that you are prepared in case of a power outage during a winter storm. We understand what happened last year was a rare occurrence but as the saying goes it is “better to be prepared”. Below is a list of winter storm must-haves to hold you and your family off until the power comes back in case of a blackout.

The Metro-Flow Plumbing Winter Blackout Kit Must Haves

  1. Cans of food are your best friend. They last a long time and some are ready to eat right out of the can. Peaches are our personal favorite. Remember to have a can opener handy.
  2. Bottles or gallons of water (3 Gallons per person is a good start). Boil water advisories are sure to be a thing if we have another blackout. It’s always a good idea to have clean water to drink or cook with.
  3. Extra winter clothes. Some of us were without power for a while and many families, especially in apartment buildings which didn’t have heating options. Always good to layer up to keep warm.
  4. First Aid Kits. Accidents happen and we suggest having one of these around your home regardless of a winter storm or not as they always come in handy.
  5. A light source. Flashlights or battery operated area lights are really helpful. Especially when preparing food or washing yourself.
  6. Get your pets ready for cold temperatures. If you have pets be sure to have enough food and clean water for them as trips to the local supermarket can be hazardous on icy roads. If you have dogs, remember that ice and snow can hurt their paws. Protect them with some booties and remember to keep them warm.
  7. Get gas. Prepare your car by making sure you have a full tank of gas before the storm hits.
  8. Pick up your prescriptions. If any members of your family take prescription medicine, you want to make sure they are stocked up. Harsh weather conditions delay shipments of all kinds and this is a must-have.
  9. A working AM/FM radio. During storms radio waves are a reliable source of information that can provide up to date information of what’s going on outside.
  10. Make sure you have plenty of batteries. We highly recommend investing in a rechargeable battery kit that you can plug into to recharge phones, etc.
  11. Gas stove. If you have a gas stove you’ll be better off in case of a blackout. Remember to refill the tank and be ready.
  12. Have a plan with your family. Plan activities, have games handy that don’t require power to play, and keep each other’s morale’s up.

A storm like the one last year was harsh and we truly hope we don’t go through something like that again but preparedness is key during winter storm blackouts. This isn’t a regular thing here in Dallas of course but now that we know it can happen it’s better to have a procedure for it and be prepared. 

We hope this short list helps you along one day but that you won’t need it anytime soon. For more information on how to be prepared check out www.weather.com as well as your local news stations before power goes out.

​Stay warm Dallas and remember Metro-Flow Plumbing always has your back with any plumbing needs! Stick around for more plumbing and general home tips right here on our blog, see you next time!

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