Top 4 Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates Saint Patrick as well as the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. While it is recognized by many countries worldwide on March 17th, it is mainly a way to celebrate Irish culture. Let’s dig deeper.

Did you know the holiday’s tradition of drinking alcohol came from a lift on the restrictions of drinking alcohol way back when. This was used to encourage and make it popular to drink alcohol during the holiday. Though side note, this same popular tradition is looked down upon by some Irish as it encourages bad stereotypes toward the people of Ireland.

So show of hands, who hasn’t tried a green dyed beer by now? Traditions can be silly and flat out fun. We here at Metro-Flow Plumbing encourage all our readers over the legal drinking age to drink responsibly but we thought it’d be fun to give a little history lesson while simultaneously learn a bit more about our favorite topic, that being plumbing of course. Let’s take a look at some St. Patrick Day traditions around this great country of ours!


In the city of Chicago the Chicago River is dyed green every year for St. Patrick’s Day and this is done by none other than Chicago plumbers! They’ve been doing this for almost 60 years! Now that’s a tradition worth noting (and attending).


Savannah hosts the second largest parade in the country and it takes place in the Historic Park District where you might’ve guessed, its many fountains are dyed green for the day!

New York City

New York City hosts one of the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades, dating back to 1762 when the tradition was introduced by Irish soldiers in the British army. 300,000 people march in the parade while the crowd celebrates from the cities many Irish pubs.


After being canceled for two years in a row, the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade is back on for 2022. The annual event on Greenville Avenue will take place March 12, accompanied by an official concert featuring the Toadies. The festival runs from 9 am-3 pm. The parade will begin at 11 am at the intersection of Greenville Avenue and Blackwell Street, and end at SMU Boulevard at 2 pm. Learn more about it here.

Plumbing Pro Tip:

 If you are a beer brewing aficionado we recommend an alternative way of disposing hops or yeast than just dumping it down your sink. A home or apartment’s plumbing is not equipped to handle a heavy level of it and it will cause problems over time. 

We hope you enjoyed this lighthearted entry in our blog. We love celebrating the holidays here at Metro-Flow Plumbing and we hope everyone in Dallas has a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Be safe and drink responsibly friends! We’ll see you next time!

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